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There are three main sections to Directions 101

Getting Your License & Driving Safety

I'm Ready for My Wheels

There are probably just a few things more on a teenagers mind than obtaining their Driver's License. This key section of D101 will not only walk students through the exact process in their state but provide a series of safe driving features leveraging a peer to peer communications strategy.

Feature: How to Get Your License in "Your State":
This content will be state-specific according to the where student resides. It will provide students with the detailed process that they must follow in order to get their drivers license in their respective state. (Note: The cover of the publication and the contents of this section will be specific to the state of distribution i.e. 50 versions.)

Feature: "Your State's" Driving Handbook:
This section will contain the driving education curriculum for the students' respective state. The content provides a study resource that students need in order to prepare for their state's written examination. (Note: there will be 50 versions of this portion of the publication; one for each state.)

Article: Now That You're Driving – Don't Mess it Up!
This article will present teens with some good sense practices to keep them safe when driving. Without utilizing scare tactics, boring statistics or a "crash photo mentality" teens will be presented with a peer to peer set of easy to adopt - why not use safe driving tips.

Article: Parents Want the Same Thing You Do When it Comes to Driving:
A checklist of things teen drivers can agree upon with parents about driving. There's a lot more common ground than many teens or parents think.

Driving IQ Quiz:
This feature will provide teens with an entertaining, game-on, cool-to-compete test of their driving knowledge.

Substance Abuse & Teen Driving:
A section devoted to providing information about the importance of substance-free driving. Driving industry and substance abuse experts along with teen communications professionals will produce this important content.

Education Alternatives After High School

Do I Go to College or Some Other Type Of School After Graduation?

Most teens are thinking about it, almost all of them talk about it, some are fully engaged. Most parents and educators would likely agree; you can't provide enough information or focus on it.

Our approach is to be an added voice providing information and additional resources in a manner that will be embraced by teens.

Article: Colleges, Universities and Other Places I Can Go To Get More Out of Life:
An article that addresses the scope of alternatives for post-high school education and the reasons teens should be thinking about it now. Utilizing the experiences of slightly older peers this article will present teens with a perspective on the subject by those who are experiencing it.

Article: What About Me...I Don't Know What I Want to do After High School:
Even those teens that have a "firm" plan about their post-high school days have doubts and concerns. Many others just aren't sure what they want. This article will expose students to a wide variety of resources where they can understand the nature and breadth of post-high school education alternatives.

College & University Guide:
This section will provide non-commercial, objective information about an extensive list of public and private colleges and universities as well as guidance on how to learn about, contact and inter-act with a school of interest.

Professional & Trade Education Guide:
While nearly 60% of all students will begin at a traditional college or university, many will seek other types of post-high school education resources. This section will expand upon these alternative sources of post-high school education.

Article: Life Away At School...I Can't Wait...I Think:
When you're in high school, many teens think living away from home is what it's all about. Look a little closer and you discover they have a lot of questions. This article from a slightly older peer perspective will examine the good and challenging aspects of living away from home, on campus.

Interview With The Dean:
A prominent Dean of a noted university will share his thoughts about what high school students should be thinking about and what they can expect when they arrive on campus.

Exploring & Understanding Career Interests & Options

I Know What I Like...How Do I Choose A Career?

As a society, we provide young people with years of primary and secondary education and then sometimes fail to assist them in making the connection to exploring the myriad of careers available to them.

D101 will provide teens with answers and access to more information about their careers they've chosen or ones they're just thinking about.

Two Facet Article: I Know What I Want To Do – How Do I Learn More? I Don't Know What I Want To Do – What Should I Do?
This article will focus on the divergent needs and interests of those teens who know (or think they do) what their career interests are and students who need direction in defining their interests. There are an abundance of resources that will be presented for both groups and everyone in-between.

Career Forecast:
Whether you've chosen a likely career or are just beginning to look around, this report will identify what everyone should know about the future of various careers: Which are growing, shrinking, emerging, changing, etc. as well as career trends by geography across the United States.

Have We Got A Career Database For You...And Here's How to Use It:
This section developed in conjunction with a major education organization will uncover the amazing and diverse resources available from The Department of Labor. This important section will introduce teens to the resources and explain how they can get the most out of this fantastic resource.

Article: Customizing Your Career Research:
This article will provide teens with a comprehensive listing of ideas in exploring career decisions or interests: Not just the traditional, but "outside the box" strategies for learning more about a specific career.

Interviews With Selected Professionals - Why They Chose Their Profession:
This section will include individual interviews with a diverse group of people from different professions. They'll tell students' first-hand what different professions are like, what they enjoy, are not so crazy about, and the things they think everyone considering their occupation should know.


Military Service or Careers

For many teens, our military represents a tremendous opportunity to continue their post-high school education as well as discover what they want in terms of a career. This brief section of D101 will present an objective overview of what options the military presents in terms of both education and career development while serving our country.

Note: The exact content of Directions 101 is likely to evolve as articles and features are developed, edited and reviewed.

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