What is Directions 101? Cover

Directions 101 is a 256 page multi-purpose publication that provides answers and direction on some of the most important topics and objectives of teens...

Directions will heavily utilize a peer to peer communications strategy, leveraging the widely held belief that peers, even somewhat older "peers", are sources this audience listens to. Directions 101 will be distributed to more than 17.2 million teens at public and private schools all across the U.S.

Why is D101 Compelling...to Students

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D101 is all about the things teens want and the things everyone... peers, teachers and parents are talking about.

I want my license...what do I need to do to get it?
What do I need to study?
What tests do I have to take?
How long does it take?
What about insurance?
I want to drive, what's the process?

After High School...
Everybody's talking about college or something else after high school... Do I need to be deciding this now?
What are my options?
Why are some schools better than others?
Where do I go to find out more?
What's right for me?

A Job, A Career...
I know I'm going to have a job some day and there are things I like to do... How can I learn more about career options?
What's it like to be a "fill in the career"?
What kind of education does that require?
Is that a good choice...for me?
Who can I talk to and where can I go to learn more?

D101 is positioned as a resource for teens; a tool for them to achieve the objectives they have now and down the road.

Why is D101 Compelling for Advertisers?


The Audience Size...
D101 is an opportunity to speak to an audience comprised of our future; 17.2 million+, 9th through 12th graders.

The Publication Content & Use...
D101 is a vehicle unlike any other, in terms of creating proximity between topics that matter most to teens. Average usage life will be months, not minutes like most periodicals.

The Audience Purchasing "Muscle"...
The D101 audience is one with enormous buying power. According to "Teen Research Unlimited" teens spent $169 billion in 2004.

Audience Participation...
D101 enables advertisers to join into an environment of enthusiastic learning about the things that teens are interested in and thinking about.

Sound Fiscal Investment to Reach an Elusive Audience:
Investment in D101 is comparable or less per-thousand to inferior alternatives, yet has a much broader distribution.

Expanded Online Opportunities via Directions101.com...
The D101 advertising opportunity reaches beyond the publication to the online portal that will be used by the millions within our target audience to learn more about the various topics covered in the publication.

When and how will D101 be published and distributed?


D101 will be distributed during the third quarter of 2007.

D101 will be distributed directly to all public and private high schools with enrollment of 30 or more 9th through 12th graders.

D101 will be distributed following a five month outreach program to 25,000 high school Principals. During that time we will contact each principal to inform them about Directions 101.

D101 will carry a letter addressing distribution to each school principal from a prominent U.S. Government official.

D101 distribution will be audited by ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation).

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